St. Valentine, (passed on third century, Rome; feast day February 14), name of a couple of unbelievable Christian saints whose lives appear to be generally based. Albeit the Roman Catholic Church keeps on perceiving St. Valentine as a holy person of the congregation, he was eliminated from the General Roman Calendar in 1969 in light of the absence of solid data about him. He is the benefactor holy person of sweethearts, epileptics, and beekeepers.

By certain records, St. Valentine was a Roman cleric and doctor who endured suffering during the mistreatment of Christians by the sovereign Claudius II Gothicus around 270. He was covered on the Via Flaminia, and Pope Julius I allegedly assembled a basilica over his grave. Different accounts distinguish him as the cleric of Terni, Italy, who was martyred, clearly additionally in Rome, and whose relics were subsequently taken to Terni. It is conceivable these are various forms of a similar unique record and allude to just a single individual.

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