First case of COVID-19-related brain nerve damage reported in child at AIIMS

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First case of COVID-19-related brain nerve damage reported in child at AIIMS

The novel coronavirus has inflicted brain nerve damage in an 11-year-old girl, leading to a blurred vision. The first such case has been reported from the New Delhi-based All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), according to a report in the Hindustan Times. Meanwhile, doctors in the child neurology division are preparing a report on the girl’s health condition. 

“We have found COVID-19 infection-induced Acute Demyelinating Syndrome (ADS) in an 11-year-old girl. This is the first case that has been reported in the paediatric age group,” the draft of the report mentioned. 

“The girl had come to us with a loss of vision. The MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) showed ADS, which is a new manifestation. However, we now know that the virus majorly affects the brain and the lungs. We plan to publish this case report since we have established that her condition was COVID-19 infected,” Dr. Sheffali Gulati, chief, child neurology division, department of paedistricts at AIIMS, was quoted as saying in the report.

ADS inludes health conditions that damage myelin, brain signals and affect neurological functions. The protective layer which covers the nerves is called myelin, as per the report.

The report also said that the health condition of the 11-year-old improved with immunotherapy, and she was discharged from the hospital after regaining about 50 per cent of her vision.

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