Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya sulks after getting schooled by Salman Khan, Vikas Gupta does this to cheer him up – tv

Vikas Gupta tried to cheer Bigg Boss 14 co-contestant Rahul Vaidya up, after the latter was scolded by host Salman Khan on Saturday’s episode of the show. Salman had accused Rahul of running away from the show in fear.

After the altercation, Rahul appeared to tear up, and Salman asked him to ‘chill’, and wished him a ‘Merry Christmas’. But seeing the sullen Rahul later, Vikas took it upon himself to cheer him up. He did this by bringing him a dupatta that belongs to Rahul’s fiance, Disha Parmar. This brought a smile to Rahul’s face, and he sat with the dupatta wrapped around his neck.


The incident began when Rahul asked Salman to stop labelling him a ‘quitter’. “Sir agar aap baar baar yeh kehte hain ke woh bhaaga hai, bhaaga hai, bhaaga hai, toh yeh mujhe acha nahi lagta sir (Sir, I don’t like it when you repeatedly accuse me of having run away from the show),” Rahul said. Salman replied, “Bhaage ho, bhaage ho, bhaage ho, bhaage ho (You ran away).”

“Don’t try and justify this act of yours, agar bhaage ho, toh bhaage ho (you ran away, accept it),” Salman said, when Rahul asked him to not ‘mix’ multiple issues into one. “Matlab finale mein jeet jaate ho, over a person like Abhinav (Shukla) or Rubina (Dilaik) or anyone, it becomes unfair,” Salman continued.

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After the altercation, Aly Goni, Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla tried to explain Salman’s actions to Rahul. The contestants also put together a special dance performance on the occasion of Salman’s birthday on Sunday.

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