1970 ‘Extraordinary Cask’ whiskey goes on sale for $5k per bottle

1970 ‘Extraordinary Cask’ whiskey goes on sale for k per bottle

Single malt whisky brand,The Glenrothes,is releasing the first in what will be a series of single cask bottlings at 5000 dollars-a-bottle.

The Glenrothes 1970,which is distilled in a single cask in Speyside,Scotland,is said to taste like how 2,000-thread-count sheet feel.

Upon first sip,there’s no bite,just a flavour that seems to glow as the amber fluid glides down the throat.

David King,president of Anchor Distilling Company,which imports The Glenrothes whiskey,said only 50 bottles of the “Extraordinary Cask” will be sold in the US.

He estimated that about 10 of those bottles could end up in New York City. A tasting for invited guests will be held at The Nomad Rooftop Thursday.

“The price is a reflection of how rare this whiskey is,” the New York Daily News quoted him as saying.

He also suggested adding a touch of water to open up the flavours.

The whiskey was aged in a cask that once was used for bourbon,and maintains an unexpected sweetness that combines perfectly with a wide array of flavours,including hints of dried apple,toffee and citrus.

While the taste is sublime,it is said that the feeling people get after a sip of Glenrothes 1970 is truly magical.

Even ten minutes after the last velvety sip,a sweet taste remains on the tongue,a radiance in the belly.

“There was only one cask from 1970 left at the distillery,and only 179 bottles came from that cask,” King said.

“That’s it. Once those are finished,there will be no more left in the world,” he added.


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